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What does it mean to follow your passion?

I love museums. I love art. I love history. I loves our communities and how they can represent the best of who we can be, together.

I also believe that it is a difficult time for museums and our shared cultural life. There is a reckoning happening in the field, and I think it is an important and exciting time in the field. What will museums look like in 20 years? And how can I be a part of that change?

Museums are my passion. I want them to be better, and to do better, so that all people see themselves in museums. And I'm willing to help put in the work to make it happen.

Resume & CV

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Short two page resume. This is just the highlights!
Updated 2023/06/21

Curriculum Vitae

For those wanting the full overview.
Updated 2023/06/21

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